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Pokemon Go Safety Tips

With the rise of Pokemon GO I feel it is important to remember for ourselves and our children that we need to be alert of dangerous or unsafe situations. Here are some tips we at fusion have recommended to keep you & your kids safe while out and about collecting!

Make sure someone knows where you're going

It's very easy to get excited when you're hanging out at home and then an Alakazam shows up 3 steps away. Just tell your parent or significant other; you have a phone in hand, worse case shoot a text while you're heading out the door. I personally have gone out the front door and forgotten my shoes.

Stay alert at night

Or don't go out at all, there are some really good spots during the day that I would avoid at night, as a reminder in our city parks are closed after 10:00pm so if you get caught even though you're not doing anything a ticket isn't worth getting more pokeball's or potions. Think of all the pokecoins you could've bought with the money you had to pay into a ticket.

Stay in well populated well lit areas

I always give people the benefit of the doubt & believe most are good. However you need to always be aware of your environment. If must play at night I feel its best to goto a restaurant that is a pokestop and just hang out grab a drink, drop a lure. Pokestops refresh every 5 minutes.

Don't Drive/Bike/Skateboard while Playing

So far I've seen skateboards eat pavement, bikers almost get hit by cars & cars missing lights all clearly playing Pokemon. The developers have wisely designed the game to award you being able to open eggs by walking. If you go faster than walking speed you will not get credit towards your kilometers traveled.

DO NOT Trespass/ Stay off private property

I'm not sure how certain gyms were selected but I know in the suburbs there are things like water towers & private residences that you can not get to without trespassing. I know its tempting to climb a fence or duck under a barrier because most of the time those gyms have easier pokemon that you can beat, but I feel authorities could; if they wanted to, figure out who you are via your Pokemon GO name. That just doesn't seem worth the risk to me.

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