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When I tested vs Now

I had a video pop up today of the form I presented to earn my 6th degree black belt. I always record and watch my form (poomse) to make sure I am demonstrating a visually powerful and controlled form. While watching this video I couldnt help but recognize how much I have improved since then. What has changed? I've had a child, bought a new house with a higher mortgage, added countless stresses and kept my business afloat during a pandemic. So how did I improve? Reflecting for me the one thing I can confidently say is I did not stop training and remembered taekwondo is my first passion and that if I love what I do then it never feels like work. I make a game almost of how much I can improve I embrace the relationships I have through TKD and it motivates me to always be focused on improvement. Rank will come, championship titles will come, improvement will come, if you keep you passion and consistency. Just keep training.


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