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martial arts, kids, taekwondo, eagan, mn
Martial Arts for Teens and Adults

Our teen and adult program is designed for anyone interested in improving their overall health, performance, or appearance while learning vital self-protection skills. While most adults train for physical reasons, all adults can benefit from the application of traditional martial arts values in their personal and professional lives. Our adult classes offer a close knit community for any and all students. Read more about our martial arts for adults or sign up today for our trial offer

Fusion Classes

Fusion Martial Arts provides a variety of classes suited for people of all ages and abilities. Our classes teach skills from the martial art practice of Tae Kwon Do, as well as elements of self defense. We pride ourselves on offering a positive, supporting learning environment where safety and personal development are our key concerns. Check out our class offerings below or schedule a free introductory lesson!

Martial Arts for Kids

At Fusion Martial Arts, we want to provide your child with a strong foundation of listening skills, focus, discipline, and confidence to help them prepare for success in both the classroom and in life. Unlike other youth activities, we focus on your child as an individual, and work side-by-side with you as a parent to unlock your child’s full potential. Our instructors are patient and use positive reinforcement to develop your child's self-confidence and life skills. Sign up today for our trial offer

martial arts, adults, taekwondo, eagan, mn
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