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Our Instructors


Master Jake Marcus 

7th Degree Black Belt

Chief Instructor

Master Marcus started martial arts training at the age of six due to his passion for the ninja turtles. Years later, he realized his parents enrolled him in a martial arts school to instill positive values and morals that he would have for his entire life.


Master Marcus began his instructor apprenticeship under Master Matt Blomquist at age fifteen and was instantly hooked on the idea of sharing the martial arts with everyone. "One of the most rewarding things I've experienced in my life is seeing someone who started martial arts as a kid develop into a leader in our community," he says.


Today Master Marcus is one of the youngest 7th degree black belts in the ATA. He has been awarded two regional instructor of the year titles, is the current sparring district champion and has finished top ten in the world rankings of ATA competition.


Avery Schnaser

3rd Degree Black Belt 



Ms. Avery started training in elementary school while Master Marcus was a high school assistant instructor.

As a young student Ms. Avery was part of our schools leadership and demonstration team. 

After earning her 2nd degree she decided to take a break from her martial arts. Fast forward to today Ms. Avery graduated Winona state university with a master degree and decided to join Fusion Martial Arts staff as a manager in 2022. She earned her 3rd Degree black belt in 2023. 

Ms. Avery's passion is teaching others to find confidence in themselves through martial arts. She empowers her students to apply the values they learn from martial arts to all areas of their lives. 

Today Ms. Avery is serving as our new student instructor and welcoming all new members of the south metro to our community.

Assistant Instructors

Mr Shobin Ansite 

2nd Degree Black Belt


Mr Shreyan Jena 

3rd Degree Black Belt


Ms Amelia Haraldson

2nd Degree Black Belt

Fusion Martial Arts is very selective about its staff. Our professional instructors go through an extensive 3-year apprenticeship program, a background check, are CPR certified and are certified through the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), which is one of the world's largest martial arts organizations.

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