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Martial Arts for Kids

At Fusion Martial Arts we want to provide your child with a strong foundation of listening skills, focus, discipline, and confidence to help them prepare for success in the classroom and in life. Unlike other youth activities, we focus on your child as an individual, and work side-by-side with you as a parent to unlock your child’s full potential. 

Our Philosophy

Fun first! Kids learn best through play. That's why we believe in "edutainment". Your child will learn the most when he or she is having fun. Our energetic instructors love working with kids and every class includes martial arts drills and skills to ensure that your child is engaged every moment. Of course to have fun, safety must be #1. That's why we encourage a low student to instructor ratio, appropriate partner pairing and only the best, martial arts specific safety mats and training equipment. We take our commitment to creating a safe and inspiring learning environment even further, which is why our instructors use POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT when giving correction. Not only does it make learning more enjoyable, but it's simply more effective. You won't find barking drill sergeants or ego-driven senseis here.  

It's About Life Skills

At Fusion Martial Arts respect, confidence, discipline, honesty and leadership are more than lofty words on motivational posters. Anyone can learn to kick and punch, but from the very first FREE introductory lesson, we strive to create Black Belt Leaders; in other words children who are:

  • Respectful to parents and teachers

  • Confident to raise their hand in school and stand up to peer pressure

  • Honest to admit mistakes and learn from them

  • Self-disciplined to make the right choice even when it's not the easy thing to do, whether it's doing homework without complaint, eating healthy foods or going to a teacher instead of hitting back

Martial Arts is the tool by which we can help build a strong foundation for all of life. We know that not every child grows up to be Bruce Lee, but every child needs teachers and coaches to reinforce positive habits and behaviors.

Bully Proof: Keeping Kids Safe

Sticks and stones couldn't be further from the truth. Sadly, parents and teachers

often fail to realize that bullying rarely begins with physical violence, but usually

starts out with seemingly playful emotional and verbal teasing or harassment.

Once a child loses confidence due to bullying, their ability to make friends

and try new things is compromised and the risk of physical harm escalates.

That's why we are so adamant about building confidence in addition to teaching

practical self-protection techniques. We want your child to develop the strength

to combat bullying and negative peer pressure even when you're not around. 

Despite years spent coaching parents and children through difficult bullying

situations, we can't help but share the initial anger every parent experiences

when they find their child is the victim of bullying. Yet it is vital to remember it's

not about what you do for your child, it's what you teach them to do for themselves. You can't "give" a child confidence by trying to bolster their self-esteem; rather children must build confidence for themselves by overcoming obstacles in a safe and supportive environment. Fusion Martial Arts' curriculum is designed to encourage new "I did it!" experiences with every class. Click here to get started.

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Get Started! Free Introductory Lesson & 1 Month Trial

We welcome you to participate in our FREE introductory lesson. This allows your child to experience classes before you make an enrollment decision. To ensure a smooth transition to our group classes, the first lesson will be a private (free!), one-on-one lesson with a certified instructor where we will set goals for your child's training and introduce him or her to the basic techniques used in the group classes. Upon completion your child will be ready to participate in a regular class. Click here to get started!

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