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Wondering if Fusion Martial Arts is right for you and your family? The best way to find out is to sign up for our absolutely free introductory lesson!

1) FREE Introductory Lesson

We want you to feel comfortable about your choice to practice at Fusion Martial Arts, so we offer a free evaluation and introductory lesson for all new students. This is a short process where you will first take a tour around the academy and meet with a certified black belt instructor to discuss your goals. Then you'll get a free private lesson in a one-on-one setting. This ensures a smooth transition to our group classes and allows you to evaluate our program and teaching methodologies firsthand. It also allows us to pinpoint areas of strength for you and identify areas where you will see improvement through martial arts training. By working independently with your certified instructor, we can ensure that Fusion is the right fit for you. We recommend that you wear gym clothes to this lesson. Because this is a FREE service, available times fill about a week in advance so be sure to reserve your lesson now here.

2) Trial Program

If all goes well, upon completion of the FREE introductory lesson we will invite you to enroll in our academy with a one month trial at the introductory rate of just $99. We'll even include a free Fusion uniform ($40 value) if you enroll right after your introductory lesson. During that month you will be introduced to a variety of training methods and techniques. You'll be amazed at how much you learn in just a month!

3) Enrollment Options

After completion of your month trial we will discuss the various enrollment options that we have available. Prices vary depending on the training programs selected. All of our programs come with NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS and NO DOWN PAYMENT. Sign up for your free introductory lesson today here

Trial Program

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