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Our Philosophy

Jiu Jitsu is for EVERYONE. The connection between mind & body is the core foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, It involves critical thinking and physical ability to adapt quickly. Starting out as a new student the most important dynamic we integrate is movement. It is a pivotal component within our program. Understanding jiu jitsu is more than just chokes & arm locks. Start where you are. We know that walking into a typical martial arts school feels about as comfortable as entering a saloon in an old western. It can be overwhelming and maybe downright scary. Not at Fusion Martial Arts. Whether you have years of training experience or the closest you've come is watching the ninja turtles with your kids, we want to make your first time with Fusion as painless as possible. Our instructors will meet you where you are today, help you set realistic goals for your training and guide you toward a program that's right for you. We know that the first step is always the hardest. We're here to help. Who knows? It may be the beginning of something great! 

Safety First

We know you can't afford to sport a black eye at work, and you have that old ankle injury from college. We know that for our students to stick around and accomplish their goals, safety must be priority #1. That's why we encourage a low student to instructor ratio, appropriate partner pairing and only the best martial arts-specific mats and training equipment. We are committed to helping you learn the proper form first, at your own pace. We take our commitment to safe learning seriously, and offer positive reinforcement when giving correction. It makes learning more enjoyable and it's more effective. You won't find anyone yelling at you here & ego's are checked at the door

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Get Started Today! FREE Introductory Lesson & 1 week Trial

To ensure a smooth transition to our group classes, your first lesson will be a private (FREE!), one-on-one lesson with a certified instructor where we will set some goals for your training and introduce you to the basic techniques you will use in the group classes. Upon completion you will be ready to participate in a regular class. You'll be amazed at how much you learn in just one month of classes. Click here to Schedule.

Pricing & Classes

Currently we are offering classes Tuesday & Thursday at 7:30pm. Sunday at 12:00pm. Private training options are available upon request with our Instructor Brown Belt; Brandon Stoddard

Unlike other academies that choose to be secretive & add "hidden" fees to your training we believe in being transparent and forward. It provides us to focus on our quality of classes and experience instead of taking the approach of business before art.

1 Month Trail $59

No contracts ever!

30 day notice to cancel $99 a month non taekwondo student

30 day notice to cancel $59 a month taekwondo student

We also sell a starter Gi's for only $79

Jiu Jitsu for Teens and Adults

Jiu jitsu has a vast origin from many cultures starting in India, then moving to China, Japan, Brazil & the United States. Jiu-jitsu came to Japan between the late 17th and mid 19th century. The method of unarmed grappling and self-defense came to Japan and evolved to what is known as jujutsu or jiu-jitsu. The term jiu-jitsu means technique or art of gentleness. It was a fighting style where smaller men were capable of defeating bigger and stronger opponents. However, the Japanese were not allowed to disclose to the West the techniques of the grappling art. It was a crime against the Japanese Empire and national security law.

From Japan it was adopted by the Brazilians and the Gracie family. BJJ (brazilian jiu jitsu) was born & show cased in the early UFC by a 160lbs fighter by the name of Royce Gracie

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